Eskom Prepayment

XMLVend Description

XMLVend is an industry standard protocol that was developed by the NRS009 working group with participation from the Electricity Suppliers Liaison Committee (ESLC), Eskom and Prepayment Manufacturers.

  • This communication protocol allows Vending Client machines from many different manufacturers to connect seamlessly with a Utility’s Online Vending Server.
  • It provides a compatible and secure interface with vending machines from many different suppliers. (similar to the benefits provided by STS for prepayment meters)
  • Utilises proven technology standards for security, communication and interoperability e.g. SSL, XML, SOAP, GZIP, HTTP, TCP/IP etc.
  • Supports existing prepayment standards such as, STS and the Common Vending System functionality (NRS009 Series)
  • Uses technologies that are supported by generally available software development tool sets and employs developer skills that are commonly available in the industry. (No more reliance on specialised prepayment knowledge)
  • Meets common business requirements for most users but still allows for extensibility and customisation where required.