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Diagram of the Eskom vending infrastructure.

The above picture illustrates the vending infrastructure for Eskom.  The Offline Vending solution has been phased out and only the Online Vending infrastructure is being used now. 

The rollout process of Online Vending was implemented in several stages:


cellphone.jpg (85455

Cellular communication coverage in rural area

Stage one was to develop and implement the Online Vending Server for Eskom.

Stage two encompassed the first Request For Proposals (RFPs) for National Vending Agencies to sell electricity from our Vending Server.

The first RFP also included a request for Client developers to develop vending terminals that Eskom could possibly purchase and operate. However, it has since been decided that Eskom will instead only make use of external service providers that will sell electricity on Eskom's behalf as Vending Agents.

Stage three is where further RFPs are issued for Vending Agents to increase the vending footprint of Eskom in South Africa. Such vendors  provide a similar service as the original outlets but there is also provision for smaller Agencies that will only operate in a specific province, or even in a specific area or town.

All prospective National, Provincial or small area Vending Agents must tender as part of an Eskom Request For Proposal (RFP) enquiry. The latest RFP has been issued for 2013/14 and the contract durations are typically from three to five years. No dates have been decided for a new RFP at this time.

For interested parties who simply wish to sell prepaid electricity from their homes or businesses; You are encouraged to contact the existing National Vendors for Eskom and request them if you may become a sales outlet for them. Such a service can be started immediately and is available countrywide.

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