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An early, coin operated prepayment meter

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Meters and Related Specifications
  • From 2017, the prepayment basic split meter requirements have been updated to ST 240-76625601 rev2  - (for single phase and three phase). The main changes to this revision are four terminals in the enclosure, and more stringent requirements for the meter to CIU communications. Please refer to the "Revisions" section in this document for more detail on the changes.
  • The smart metering system requirements are defined in ST 240-126910106 Rev1  - (this also includes the requirements for NRS 049 and the associated DLMS/Cosem standards and are available from the SABS).
  • The SABS standard SANS 1524-1 defines the prepayment meter specification.
  • The SABS standard SANS 1524-1-2 defines the surge protective device for all prepayment meters and it is usually fitted as part of the distribution box, (pole mounted or ground mounted).
  • Pole-mounted Distribution box for DIN rail meters and circuit breakers.
  • The Request For Modification (RFM) process must be followed for any intended changes to a meter on contract or any associated parts like packaging material.
  • Meters will be evaluated against the Accelerated Environmental Stress Testing for meters (originally known as ALT), ST 240-76619489
  • The new revision 4 of the Meter Upload Specification (NEDISys) ST 240-7662701 rev4 is now the only revision that is used by Eskom and all meter upload files submitted to Eskom must be in this format. This updated revision includes support for 11 digit and 13 digit meter numbers, the Key Revision Number (KRN) and the STS Base Date. It is a mandatory contract requirement that the data must be sent to Eskom in this format, for all prepayment meters supplied to Eskom.
  • Qualification criteria for prepayment meters and manufacturers that are conducted as part of the evaluations.


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