Eskom Prepayment

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National Online Vending Service Providers (National Vendors)

  • A2Pay is a registered wholesaler of Eskom prepaid electricity to existing Prepaid Electricity vending platforms. In addition, A2Pay provides a robust end-to-end retail platform to empower the Informal Retailer while offering the consumer more convenience

  • CiGiCell including Prepaid24 (Buy prepaid electricity online via electronic funds transfer.(EFT) from your home or office 24/7, or register from cell phone on the pp24mobi site: and transact within minutes)  -  the Powertime web site enables customers to easily buy prepaid electricity, prepaid airtime and pay their municipal bills, online or from their phone:

  • Contour Technology (Buy prepaid electricity online via your banking profile, including using cellphone or via an ATM – 24hr real time service. Its easy, safe and secure and you get your tokens within minutes. Register your meter number to 36073 or via website:

  • EasyPay (Shoprite pay points as well as via internet: and cell phone vending and also through myPrepaid)

  • Flash Mobile vend at several Spar and PEP cell outlets

  • Ontec (previously Itron)

  • Qhakaza Amps

  • Sandulela Technologies including Prepaid24

Functionality provided by the various National Vendors

Note that new National Vendors will only be added as part of a public commercial "Request for Proposal" (RFP) process where prospective vendors will be able to tender. Eskom will review all the tenders and select successful tenders.
The specific number of vendors will be between three and fifteen, but there are no new tenders envisaged at this time.

Suppliers of Online Vending Clients and related equipment.  

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Long customer queues to buy electricity
were common on the old system

Although these Vending Clients have been approved for Eskom use, Eskom is not installing these products in the field. The online vending services for Eskom are instead provided by National and Regional Vendors that use their own Eskom approved equipment.


Off-line Vending Systems in Eskom

Eskom has removed all the Off-line Vending equipment since they are not able to support the Incline Step Tariff as mandated by the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa (NERSA)


Manufacturers of STS Meters that are used in Eskom

Eskom Related Web Sites

  • The official Eskom Web site (contains the contact details for the Call Centres)
  • The NRS Agency and other Eskom standards, (subscription needed).  The NRS Agency produces NRS specifications for the Electricity Supply Industry in collaboration with the ESLC.  Some prepayment related specifications are then also NRS documents.  Many parties may obtain NRS specifications directly from this web site or may alternatively purchase those specifications from the SABS if they do not have access to these specifications on the NRS site. Several other Eskom specific specifications are also available on this subscription site.


Other Prepayment Web Sites